10 Ways to Help Grow Longer Hair: Tips from a Stylist

A lot of people want long hair, and some can’t seem to ever get it. I’ve compiled a list of 10 ways to help grow longer hair.

1.Regular Trims

If the ends of your hair are damaged they will split and break off. This means you will notice fresh growth at the root but no length gained. I recommend to initially get ALL dead hair cut off, regardless of how much hair has to go. Talk to your stylist, and cut a tad more than necessary just to be sure the breakage is gone and you can start fresh. After the initial cut, get 1/2” trimmed every 12 weeks. (Or more often if needed)

Shorter, healthy hair trumps long, broken, dead hair.

2) “It’s a 10” Miracle Leave in Conditioner

If I was stranded on an Island and could take one product, this would be it. I was introduced to it in beauty school and I have used it ever since. I’ve experimented with dozens of brands of leave in conditioners and I always come back to this product. (It also smells amazing)

This product repairs dry damaged hair, adds shine, smoothes and controls frizz, seals and protects hair color, detangles, helps prevent split ends and breakage, creates silkiness, enhances natural body, and thermal protector.

On towel dried hair, simply spray in and brush product through. Then style like normal or let air dry.

3) The Wet Brush

This is the best detangle brush ever. I’ve been told by multiple customers that this brush has changed their life. It no longer takes forever to get your hair brushed out. The bristles are flexible, so they give a little as they glide through your hair with ease. You can use it on wet or dry hair, just do NOT blow dry with it. The heat from your dryer will damage the bristles. This brush is only for brushing out your hair, not for any styling. This brush helps prevent breakage and damage, allowing your hair to grow healthier and longer.

It’s also great for children! If It’s a struggle or there are tears when brushing out your kid’s hair, give the Wet Brush a try.

4) Weekly Oil Treatment

Organic coconut oil is my favorite, but any kind of natural oil will work. Rub it into your scalp and all through your hair and gently comb it through with a wide tooth comb. Leave it on 20-60 minutes, then wash and condition.

5) Vitamins

Your hair cuticle starts inside and grows out so take your vitamins. You’ll notice your hair and nails growing quicker and stronger when you do. A multivitamin, biotin, or any Hair, Skin, and Nail vitamin should work.

6) Don’t over process

Anything in moderation. I get customers all the time wanting to go back and forth on their color. It’s fun to change it up, and it’s great for my business, but doing too many chemical treatments on your hair can damage it. A 4-6 week root touch up or refresh is perfectly fine. Just keep your ends trimmed and no access heat. DON’T KILL YOUR HAIR. It can only take so much before it dies and starts looking like cotton candy.

7) Oil Based product

Just like your skin, your hair needs moisture. A good conditioner is needed, but your hair also needs an oil based product on the ends to add and seal in moisture. My two favorites are Moroccan Oil, and Paul Mitchell Smoothing Serum. These are oil based products so don’t put any on your roots. Your hair needs moisture morning and night regardless if you have washed your hair. One pump should be plenty on your dry hair and do this twice a day. It quickly absorbs, nourishes and helps prevent damage.

8) Be Kind to Your Hair

I’ve seen girls wad their hair in a tight knot on top of their heads, then take it down and just rake and tear through their hair with a rough brush. Please stop doing this, it stresses me out to see hair being murdered. Wear looser styles to help prevent tangles and damage. Be gentle and kind to your hair.

9) Don’t over wash

Your scalp naturally produces an oil called sebum which acts as a natural conditioner. Don’t wash your hair if you don’t have to. If you are one of those people who wash it everyday, start by washing it every other day. Get a shower cap or clip your hair up so it doesn’t even get wet. Eventually your hair to not get so oily. Over-washing causes your hair to over-compensate for lack of oil and it produces more oil. So go as long as you can without washing it. Eventually, your scalp will realize its not dehydrated and will stop producing as much oil.

10) Diet

A well-balanced diet and drinking lots of water is good for you overall health. If you are not getting the nutrients your body needs, your hair growth will slow down. Protein, and lots of water will help your hair growth.


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