My Crazy Mutts

When I bought my house, I decided to rescue a dog. I searched online at different rescues and nothing caught my eye. My younger brother heard I was looking for a dog. His dog Sam had been in our family for about 4 years. She was rescued as a puppy and was an outside dog until my brother took her when he moved away. He didn’t have time to take care of her like he thought, so I took her. We think she is a Shar Pei/ Boxer mix. She is a quirky dog with a ferocious bark.




Then there is Chester. He’s one of a kind as well. I never realized how much personality dogs have until I had my own. One of my customers was telling me that her dog had Havanese/Bichon puppies and there was one left. The last thing I needed was another dog but I made the mistake of asking to see a picture of them. She showed me a video of these little fur balls playing and being clumsy and my heart almost burst. I asked her which one was left and she pointed out what looked like a little fluffy baby skunk.




Sam is not good with other animals, so I worried how she would react to a puppy. I explained this to my customer and she said she would bring the puppy over to my house and see how Sam reacted.

That evening my customer brought the puppy over. Sam was curious and thankfully her tail was wagging. While I was holding the puppy, I got down on the floor so she could sniff him. After while Sam lost interest and wanted to play and be pet by my customer.
I asked how much she wanted for him and my heart sank at the price. I didn’t have much to spend on a dog.

An hour or so after they left, my customer called and said if I wanted him I could have him for free because he would have such a great home. I thanked her over and over again and asked if I could come get him right then. I didn’t have a crate or puppy food but I picked him up.

Chester is the first dog i’ve ever potty trained. It requires lots of patience, and I am an impatient person. We are 7 months into this and he still has accidents, but he typically does pretty well. I have to force him outside when it’s raining because he doesn’t like to get his paws wet. I just shake my head and tell him that he doesn’t know how good he has it.

There are days my dogs are so crazy, rotten, and the house is destroyed and I just want to scream. Then there are days they are so good and I don’t know what I would do without them.

Oh those creatures…. They drive me nuts but I love them. Having dogs is a humbling, and patient building experience, but truly rewarding.

With Christ, and a dog (or two) you will never be lonely, and you will always be loved. Their faces light up when I get home and it puts a smile on mine.

They always forgive. No matter how badly I’ve reacted to something they did or how grumpy i’ve been. They always forgive and jump in my arms when I call them. They are my family, and I don’t think my home would be much of a home without them.




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