Work Hard and Enjoy It

A few years ago, my brother was trying to set me up with one of his friends.  I planned on moving to Nashville the following month so I said no, explaining I didn’t want to get involved with anyone since I was moving.  My dad overheard. Later, he pulled me aside and simply said, no matter where you are in life, act as if you’ll be there forever.

My date and I ended up not working out, but I ended up not moving away and I swore I was going to! That always stuck with me.  What my dad meant was you don’t know where you’ll be or what will happen at what time.

If you have a job that you hate or have co-workers that test your patience, somehow, make the most of it. Go above and beyond with your job. Treat everyone with respect. Go home every day tired, knowing you earned your pay. You never know what the future holds.  You don’t know who is watching your work, attitude, or how you handle different situations.   Someone that annoys you at work may one day own a business and hire you to manage it because of what they’ve seen. Feel privileged, not entitled, to have a job and purpose.

You choose your attitude. I can’t remember the book, but I read once that you can be in a bad mood at home, being cold and yelling at everyone, but then your pastor knocks at your door and you can instantly put a smile on your face and welcome him, and be on your best behavior. (I’ve had to work on this because of my temper.)

If work is terrible, choose to make the most of it and choose to find enjoyment somehow. Even if it’s bringing a giant thermos of your favorite coffee to work and drink some when its stressful. (That’s my trick, plus it saves on buying a coffee throughout the day or using a zillion k cups.)

I’m a hairdresser, and if I’m working on a customer that irritates me, I’ve learned take a deep breath and find a subject we both can talk about pleasantly.  It’s typically 2-4 hours for a color. I could be annoyed and be unwelcoming in my attitude, possibly losing them as a client from lack of engaging in conversation, or I could take a deep breath and talk to them.  Most of the people who I didn’t click with at first, I have grown to really like. It just took me some warming up to them. I’ve realized, just like me, others too need some time to warm up to me. You learn so much about different types of people talking to them for a few hours once a month. It’s a truly rewarding job.

My generation seems to have a sense of entitlement, with little work ethic. I see so many people doing the bare minimum at work. I noticed it when I was a waitress in highschool, and I see it now being a hairdresser. Instead of cleaning or doing some type of work to help the team, people are on their phones. Communication is great, but not when you are supposed to be working.  Put the phone down and work. Talk to the people who are surrounding you, and actually build relationships.

Work and earn an honest living. Go home tired but proud of what you’ve done. That’s the first step to making money and being able to save money.

God bless.
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