Frugal Living- A Little Intro


At age 12, I would catch a ride to our local softball fields every Saturday during the summer and run the concession stand. I also got paid a quarter at home for every load of laundry and every load of dishes I did. So I kept track and saved.

I remember finally saving $50.00.  I was so excited to spend it at the mall. Before I went my mom explained to me that I could either buy one thing and all my money be gone, or if I shopped around and found some sales I could possibly get a few things with some money left over.  That stuck with me. That is a picture of how I try to spend my money. Make the most out of every dollar.

At age 16 got a job as a waitress.  When I finally had a thousand dollars saved I got a bank account and put it into savings.
I was lucky to have parents that taught me the value of a dollar. I never got an allowance, and was never handed cash without working for it, but they did allow me to drive their purple mini van to work while I saved up for a car, and allowed me to live at home however long I needed.  Looking back, they helped me more by making me earn my own money, then they would have just handing it to me.

When I graduated high school in 2009 I had built up my savings account and had a car paid off. I went to a local cosmetology school.  School was 40 hours a week but I still waitressed evenings and weekends so I could make my monthly school payment. Within 11 exhausting months, I got licensed-debt free, and have been working ever since.

Being frugal, budgeting and saving money has been a strength of mine. My parents taught me at a young age how rewarding it is to work hard and earn money. It doesn’t matter how much you make, what matters is how much you spend.  I don’t make much, I don’t work full-time every week, but I have plenty. I am 25 years old, I paid cash for my car, my house will be paid off soon, I have no other debt, and my savings account grows a little every month.

I’d like to share how I have saved money and have lived frugally and hopefully to help someone out who maybe struggles in this area.

I’ll also post randomness about life, hair, or cooking. Perhaps some short stories. We’ll see.

God bless.


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